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CAMERA tuition

Basic DSLR course will enable you to gain a full understanding of your digital camera's controls and composition techniques.

The course will explain how to get the most from your digital SLR camera.

We will cover meter readings, ISO, shutters speeds, apertures and composition.

Intermediate DSLR courses are aimed at those who have a good understanding of the manual controls of their camera’s, who want to improve their camera skills and advance their creative photographic techniques including the use of filters.

We will also discuss depth of field, hyperfocal distances and camera custom function features.

Advanced DSLR courses cover photography techniques for students who wish to further their creativity or gain a solid grounding in professional photography skills.

Explore advanced creative photography with the opportunity to study challenging professional camera techniques and artistic photography with

full support and expert tuition.


Photoshop is a digital imaging software package, which will enable you to enhance your digital pictures.

You will gain a full understanding of the basic tools needed to edit your pictures to a high standard.

The course is primarily aimed at the novice user and will complement any of the DSLR courses available.

Photoshop software is very complex and can be very confusing and daunting for the novice and intermediate user. Breaking down several key tasks within Photoshop will give you the basic skills to use the software with confidence.

Subjects covered:-

Brightness and Contrast

Levels and Curves

Ruler and Crop

Cloaning and Re-touch

Colour Balance


Layers and Masks

Noise Reduction


Plug in Software

With all courses, the subject matter can be specific to your choice.

Prices:                  Hourly rate                    £25/hr

                              Half day (4 hrs)              £80

                              Full day (8 hrs)              £150

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